Oyster Pond is a small coastal village on the eastern side of the island, in close proximity to the Dutch side. It has many restaurants, shops and is a popular area for tourists who like the wild and authentic feel. In this article, we will explain why you should invest in Oyster Pond now.

Severely impacted by the terrible Hurricane Irma in 2017, Oyster Pond is nevertheless rising from the ashes.
Indeed, with the upcoming signing of the French-Dutch border treaty (signing expected in March 2023), the neighborhood will finally be able to rebuild and regain its lively pre-hurricane life.
It’s easy to see how things will change after the signing of this agreement between the two sides of the island.

Investing in Oyster Pond can therefore be an interesting opportunity for investors looking for a place that is growing and developing.
There is no doubt that when the marina is rebuilt and with the return of the pleasure boats or the Voyager from St Barths, the village of Oyster Pond will regain its attractiveness to both tourists and residents.

In conclusion, investing now in Oyster Pond can be an opportunity for investors looking for a long term investment, like those who have invested at the right time in Anse Marcel, when everything was still to be rebuilt…

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